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Jillian Hamby - Thailand

My month at TEFL Worldwide was one of the best months of my life. I learned so much and met so many amazing people which inspired me to be where I am today. I went into the course with an open mind (not really knowing where I would end up). Upon graduating, I decided I wanted to teach in Asia and took a job in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Chiang Mai is located in the north and known as the cultural hub of Thailand. It is significantly smaller than Bangkok, however I enjoy it because it has all the amenities of a large city yet has the small town charm. I even purchased a scooter which I drive everywhere!

With my TEFL certificate, it was very easy to find a job. My experiences have all been positive as I continue to grow from my adventures. Thailand is certainly a change of pace from Western culture. I find the challenges exciting and rewarding. I understand testimonials are suppose to be positive but I have absolutely nothing negative to say about any of my experiences! This past year has been a blessing. WW Prague started me out on the right foot! Feel free to  check out my blog if you want to learn more/contact me about Chiang Mai.


Maureen Flynn - Chile

After working as a high school teacher in Florida for 11 years, I decided it was time for a change. I registered for the TEFL course at TEFL Worldwide Prague, packed up my life, and haven't looked back. After earning my certificate I worked in Prague for a year at two language schools teaching both adults and children. I made my own schedule and really enjoyed my students. I decided to move the adventure to a new continent and arrived in Santiago, Chile a few months ago. I had secured a job before my arrival and began teaching in September. My students are enthusiastic and eager to assist me with my acclimation to Chilean culture in any way they can including glasses of wine and travel recommendations. I'm planning a trip to Patagonia in a couple of months and several other beach, mountain, desert, and wine country excursions are in the works. Chile has it all. Teaching abroad is a unique and rewarding experience. Enroll in the course and change your life!

David James - South Korea

I gave up everything to travel to Prague and train at TEFL Worldwide - my career in accounts, my home, and my many possessions. This had to work for me, and this was no mean feat considering I was heading towards my 40th Birthday and suffered from a public speaking phobia. I had struggled with public speaking all my life and put my dreams to teach overseas to bed for nearly 20 years. This was my last chance. When I finally built up the courage to take that leap of faith and register with TEFL Worldwide EVERYTHING changed. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made and I couldn’t have been happier with my choice of school. The course was tough and quite stressful at times, but the trainers were fantastic, my peers were great, and the experience generally awesome. My satisfaction on completion was through the roof and it gave me a massive boost in confidence.

Well, I have now just turned 40 and have absolutely no regrets. I have been teaching in South Korea for six months and I’m incredibly happy with my choice. Free flights and free accommodation are pretty much standard here, as is the opportunity to save a bucket load of cash. And the teaching is generally easy which means it’s a fantastic place to start any teaching career.

TEFL Worldwide provided my with all the tools and confidence needed to take on this challenge. I am so thankful for taking that leap of faith and so thankful to the staff at TEFL Worldwide. 

Holly Garrett - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

When I came to TEFL Worldwide Prague I felt like I was already an experienced English instructor having taught the previous two years at a university in Ethiopia. I thought brushing up on my skills would be helpful. Within the first few days of the course, I was completely humbled. What I learned in the course completely changed my method of teaching. Now back in Ethiopia, I'm putting to use daily all I learned. I'm more confident in my teaching, creative in my lessons, and my students are more actively engaged in their own learning. I'm grateful to have passed through TEFL Worldwide Prague and would highly recommend the course to anyone!

Paul Hartman - Thailand

I had wanted to be a teacher since high school, but I never knew a teaching career would have me traveling around the world. A friend recommended TEFL Worldwide not only for its rigorous program, but also because of everything Prague has to offer. From the beautiful architecture, to the exciting night life, to the cheap and delicious beer, Prague has given me an unforgettable experience. I graduated from TEFL Worldwide in spring and was able to find a job teaching in Thailand shortly after in the summer. Thanks to the training I received from TEFL Worldwide, I can walk into the classroom knowing that I will do a good job teaching. In the future, I look forward to teaching in other parts of Asia and continue to include my TEFL certification as a valuable contribution to my CV. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at

Nicole Abramowski - Germany

After graduating from TEFL Worldwide, I taught at two jobs in Prague before moving on. After a six month Eurotrip, I moved back to America for a year to learn German and save money and taught English in America at a local school offering classes to immigrants and refugees. When I returned to Europe I moved to Berlin, Germany and have been there ever since. My first real job in Berlin was teaching some intensive English classes and some English workshops on Intercultural Competence. While these days I don't teach so much English anymore, TEFL Worldwide helped me develop skills for more than just English-teaching and was a great start to my life life abroad. I find I learned how to better break down information for others and stand up in front of a group and that stills serves me today at meetings, interviews and teaching other subjects too! I now freelance at a start-up in Berlin and organize trips for a well-known American university in the summers, do occasional Project Management and am about to publish an eBook on how to get a variety of different work permits in Germany. I love Berlin and am quite happy there, thanks TEFL Worldwide for being the first step in leading me down this path!

Lane Baker - South Korea and China

Since completing the TEFL Worldwide course I have taught in both South Korea and China.  I taught in South Korea for a year at a private institute.  The schools in South Korea can be a bit hit or miss, so do thorough research before taking any jobs there.  I did enjoy my time there (living more than the teaching), but I think you can find schools that are managed better in China. While in South Korea I met my husband, and we decided to leave Korea for China.  I worked for EF Education First for 2.5 years in Guangzhou, China (2 hours from Hong Kong).  I taught kids for a year, and then moved on to an adult school with EF.  I preferred teaching adults with EF.  The training opportunities with EF are also great and you can move beyond the basic knowledge that TEFL WW gives.  I am still living and teaching in Guangzhou.  I teach at the Japanese International School Guangzhou.  All of my students are Japanese middle schoolers, so in a way I go to a different country to teach every day!  I have enjoyed teaching so much that I am currently completing my Masters of Education with an applied linguistics specialisation.  I hope to continue to teach, and my goal is to continue teaching at international schools.  If you have questions about South Korea or China (especially) feel free to e-mail me:

Cora Griffin - Germany

I finished the TEFL course this year and I wouldn't have come to teach abroad any other way. Before deciding how to move abroad to teach English, I thought for a long time about what the right way to do it was. After graduating I moved to Germany and found teaching jobs within two weeks. TEFL's English school connections around Europe and the world were a huge help for me to find my job. With very little prior teaching experience before coming to Prague, I felt prepared to start teaching after the course. You learn a lot from the course! The instructors know what they're doing and give you SO much feedback so you improve every day! I live in Hamburg now and I'm loving it. Being a teacher, you get to meet so many different kinds of people and really learn the culture. I'm very happy with my decision to go to TEFL Worldwide Prague - do it!



Emma LeMay - Tabor, Czech Republic

I completed the TEFL Worldwide course in January and I can say it was one of the best decisions I've made. I had just graduated university and thought I would be adventurous and pack up everything and move to Prague. But the last week of the course, I learned of a job outside of Prague in the small city of Tabor in Southern Bohemian region of the Czech Republic. Being from the Southern US, I thought a smaller city might actually be a better fit for me, and I've been here almost a year and I don't regret the decision. I teach a mixture of adults and children ranging from ages 3-17 in a variety of locations. I have a nice flat right on the town square and almost everything is in walking distance. Plus getting to be an anomaly in a small town can be pretty fun. And since it's so small I have kids that I don't even know running up to me yelling, "Hello!" which can be quite amusing. This all wouldn't have been possible without TEFL Worldwide.If you have any questions about the program, teaching experience, or maybe teaching in the Czech Republic out of Prague (trust me, it's a very different experience) don't hesitate to email me at


Katie Milton - Prague, South Korea, Mexico

When I think of my TEFL experiences and interactions, I am always amazed! Dollie and I graduated from TEFL and went on to South Korea.  Allison took the TEFL course and graduated a few months before us (along with Liz) and was teaching in Prague at the time we were taking the course. Allison got in touch with me once I had moved to South Korea and I got her a teaching job in my school in South Korea and we became lifelong friends.  Allison got Liz to move to South Korea and we expanded our TEFL circle ;)  A couple years later our friend, Jillian, came to TEFL Worldwide from Omaha NE and spent some time teaching in Prague too!  I find it amazing how we are all so close yet so far away.  All of us girls have benefitted immensely from our TEFL course and although not all of us are still teaching to this day, our experiences with you in Prague have played in a significant role in the success we are currently experiencing!  We're all up to some interesting things!

As for me, I taught in South Korea for a year and a half.  After South Korea I accepted a teaching position on a small island in the Mexican Caribbean and I taught there for a year contract.  I have since become self employed and run 2 small businesses but I still split my time between the USA and Mexico.  I dream of accepting a short term teaching gig in the Republic of Georgia hopefully in the near future once my 2 businesses are on auto pilot.  I am thankful every single day that I found the courage to leave "comfortable" for the unknown and incredibly satisfying adventure of TEFL Worldwide Prague!

Christine McConnell - Italy and Pardubice, Czech Republic

Since graduating from TEFL Worldwide Prague I have been having the best time teaching and travelling. The course was absolutely fantastic and it certainly prepared me for the English teaching world. For 1.5 years after completing the course I worked at a medical software company in Pardubice, CZ. I was hired as their solo in-house English lecturer and taught a variety of employees, including programmers, managers and company owners. I also taught at their premises in Všeobecná fakultní nemocnice in Prague. It was one of the best jobs I've ever had and opened doors to lots of new possibilities; I was even invited to help with translating their software from CZ-EN. This actually encouraged me to move to Prague and complete my C1 level studies in Czech at Charles University. Whilst living in Prague I found a job focusing on Business English in TESCO, Eden. It was also a great environment to teach in. Now I am currently in Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy. I teach at a language school here and it's quite a new experience for me coming from a business teaching background. And I love it! The island is stunning and the beaches, of course, are never far. There's lots to see and do and the weather is magnificent. Living amongst Sardinians is also a hoot! They are extremely warm and friendly and it's always nice to have a smile reciprocated with a smile. However, one of the great things about being here is the language school I now teach at. The hours are slightly unusual (split shifts now and then, 09:00-22:00) but the school owners themselves have set high standards and have provided excellent training before the academic year commences. They know what they expect from their teachers and they haven't been afraid to illustrate exactly what that is. I find this motivates me and it has me striving to become a better teacher. I wouldn't have gotten anywhere without TEFL Worldwide Prague though. That's where it all started. Their instruction, support and guidance has been superb! Thank you so much!!

Stacey Peros- Prague

After graduating from university, I realized that I really loved teaching, even though my degree was not in education.  I had some moderate teaching experience, tutoring exchange students from South Korea at my university and teaching high school and university students in Bosnia-Herzegovina for a summer.  While these were both great experiences, I needed the proper guidance in becoming an English teacher abroad.  After a little bit of research, I found out about TEFL Worldwide in Prague.  I do not regret signing up for the course at all.  Not only did it prepare me for all kinds of teaching, but it also introduced me to great people and the city that I still live in and grew to love, Prague.  In Prague, I have taught Business English and I currently teach at a primary school, and I feel prepared to handle both thanks to the intense training at TEFL Worldwide.  As of now, I love my job and plan to stay in Prague, but I hope that in the future, my TEFL certification will take me to other parts of the globe as well.  If you have more questions about the TEFL program, feel free to email me at:  

Angela Larson - Czech Republic, Turkey

I was and continue to be very satisfied with my choice to attend TEFL Worldwide Prague. Before I chose a TEFL program I did plenty of research and could only find good things about TEFL Worldwide - and I only have good things to say myself. After graduating from the course I spent over a year and a half living and teaching in the Czech Republic and traveling around Europe. TEFL Worldwide Prague gave me the contacts and resources to find a job within a week of graduating from the course, and the training to jump into teaching with confidence. I absolutely love Prague and the Czech Republic, but I'm ready for a new challenge, so I am headed to Istanbul in August to begin a new job. If you are looking for a stepping-stone to a future living and working abroad, I highly recommend this course. Good luck! email: blog:

Cindy Wiese - Czech Republic

The more I teach, the more I appreciate the practical and comprehensive curriculum and the exceptional, experienced teachers at TEFL Worldwide Prague (TWP).  Since I took the course , I’ve been a volunteer teaching Beginner and Elementary adult students in a small town south of Prague. I also lead an English Club for 15 - 20 year olds. I rely heavily on everything from the resource books that the TWP instructors recommended on the first day, to their instruction techniques, ideas, advice, etc., etc. Hands-on learning is how I learn best and that is the approach at TWP. Instruction included lots of opportunities to apply what I learned both as a teacher and as a student. It was useful to experience both perspectives. TWP also has an extensive library with excellent resources.  As we did our student teaching throughout the course, we were assigned different curricula for different classes. This turned out to be helpful when I began teaching and had to choose curricula for my own students. I highly recommend TEFL Worldwide Prague. 

Brady Callander - Prague, Japan, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia

I've been teaching English abroad ever since I took the course at TEFL Worldwide Prague. The course provided the perfect platform from which to live and work in other countries. The sheer choice involved when contemplating a move abroad is testament to the fact that teaching English is popular and prevalent throughout the world. After I completed the course, I lived and worked in Prague for a year before moving to Osaka, Japan for 2.5 years. From Japan I moved to Vietnam, where I worked for 4 years, including 2 years as an academic manager. I've just been hired by the Saudi Arabia National Oil Company, so now i'm off to work in Jeddah!

Suffice it to say that none of this would have been possible without the great guidance and skills I obtained during the course. I have lived the life I had dreamed of living. I wasn't even very good at teaching English when I was doing the course, and actually, I nearly didn't pass. But after my first year teaching in Prague and getting used to implementing the kind of skills taught throughout the course, I knew I was on my way. Now I teach a variety of courses from IELTS to TKT.

Do the course, and then go and live wherever you want!

...and never have to worry about being out of work.

Rosemary Veneziale

I have been teaching in Georgia and Armenia for 20 years and have my own business. I think it is best that you visit my website; and see what I do. I don't teach English as in beginner etc. but train students how to take TOEFL, SAT, GRE and GMAT exams to win scholarships abroad. I also teach Analytical  Writing at a graduate level as well as Public Speaking at an undergraduate level.

Gene Heavner - Slovakia

I came to Prague after a series of mini-careers in secondary education, business, manufacturing, and higher education. My decision to travel to Prague and enroll at TEFL Worldwide Prague definitely caught my friends and family off guard. At the time, I was fifty-four years old, had never traveled outside the US, and both my undergraduate and graduate degrees were in music education. In spite of all this, I believe that deciding to go to Prague was one of the best decisions of my life! 

The coursework at TEFL Worldwide Prague was challenging, fun, enlightening, and above all, delivered in a highly engaging, professional manner by master teachers. In the weeks I was there, I felt as if I had re-learned my native language and supplemented what I had learned in graduate school with innovative and effective teaching methodologies.

After completing the TEFL course, I moved to a small town in Slovakia and began teaching at a private language school there. My time there was one of the most challenging and fulfilling experiences I have ever had. It was exciting to find myself immersed in a different culture, and I had plenty of time to be a tourist and see so much of that beautiful country.  Above all, it was the privilege of a lifetime to get to know so many good people and I made several lifelong friends while I was there.

Caroline Fanger Thompson - Taught in Prague and Italy

When I enrolled in the TEFL Worldwide Prague course, I had recently graduated from college and was looking for a way to get back to Europe after having spent time studying abroad. I was a psychology major with no previous teaching experience so I was definitely nervous about how the whole teacher training would work. But, after beginning my TEFL course, the instructors put me at ease, and I really enjoyed the whole process. I was easily able to find work shortly after completing the course, and I taught at a summer camp for Italian children in San Remo, Italy for a few weeks, before returning to Prague where I taught business English to adults, and tutored several children as well. It was a great experience, and I met some amazing people. I am back stateside now in Chicago, IL in the hospitality industry which amazingly enough I got inspired to be a part of because of some expats I met in Prague. I'll never forget my year and half I spent teaching and traveling around Europe. Truly, some of the best experiences of my life!

Caroline Fanger Thompson

Darina Raskova - China

My name is Darina and I come from the Czech Republic but have lived in the UK for many years where I also got my degree last year.  However, it has been very difficult to get a job in my degree field and with graduate jobs being under constant strain and fierce competition, I was wondering how to make my CV more interesting for future employers. I have always loved English and teaching it abroad could give me the edge.  I have chosen to go to China, reasons being my academic interests and with China’s economy growing at a huge rate and its communication and integration with the West being greater and greater , English has become a highly desirable skill among Chinese citizens.  I chose TEFL worldwide,  simply because I was recommended the course by the Guardian newspapers in the UK and I could also spend  weekends with my family in Prague and drink lots of beer J  I couldn’t have made a better decision! The course is challenging and there is a lot to do, nevertheless  the instructors are extremely knowleadgeable, very helpful and possess a great sense of humour which I always appreciate.  I never thought that you can teach English grammar in such an interesting way! As a result, I now prefer to teach grammar to my Chinese students more than anything else J I got my first TEFL job in China before even finishing the course thanks to the administration staff who  are very willing to assist you with job openings and with preparation for interviews. I have been in China for almost 8 months now and since then I have met so many interesting people and thanks to my connections I have managed to get into a research project which is similar to my degree field at one of the best Chinese universities! Since obtaining my TEFL certificate from TEFL Worldwide, life has been pretty good and very adventurous and I believe this will be the case for everyone graduating from TEFL Worldwide! I am more than happy to answer any question one might have about coming to China:

Samuel Rosko - Prague

After living in the same town in Oklahoma for 27 years of my life, I decided to begin a journey that would allow me to see the world and develop new relationships with people from many different cultures. After several recommendations, I decided to apply at TEFL Worldwide Prague for the course. From the moment the course began I was all in, completely motivated and engaged. As I saw it through, it had become one of the best learning experiences of my life. The teachers were extremely knowledgable and passionate, some of the best I have ever had. I will never forget my time spent there. Life in Prague has been great this past year and I plan to stay for at least one more year if not longer. The location of the city is great for travelers who want to take those weekend day trips to neighboring historical cities and villages as well as long weekends in other major European cities. Public transportation is a dream and I would totally be okay without ever driving a car again. I teach many courses now ranging from general English to Business and Legal English. TEFL Worldwide Prague gave me the confidence, knowledge, and practice I needed to become a successful teacher. If you are on the fence about a TEFL certification program, look no further, TEFL Worldwide Prague is for you.

Cynthia Jonas, Alex Biscarner - Czech Republic

I saw an ad for TEFL Worldwide Prague in a newspaper back home and I just knew that was where I needed to go. A few years after that, my fiance Alex and I finally made it happen. The course was definitely hard work, but we learned an incredible amount in four weeks and I was shocked that by the end of the course, I was no longer nervous at all to stand in front of a class and teach! The "dive right in" approach to the course suited me well and there was no doubt in my mind afterwards that I was equipped with all the tools to begin teaching immediately.

After the course, we moved to Ceské Budejovice after Alex found a great teaching opportunity that he learned about through TEFL Worldwide. We are still happy living and working here-- Czech Republic is too hard to leave! If you have any questions about TEFL or teaching, feel free to ask.,

Victoria Baardsen - Saudi Arabia

I wanted to tell you that TEFL Worldwide gave me the career I always dreamed about. I took the course after having made the mistake of taking the course with another group which turned out bad. Trust me, when I say that they are not all like TEFL Worldwide! I was rescued from a bad group and installed in a great program with awesome teachers who taught me everything I needed to know. I have taught in Prague, Turkey, Slovenia and now I am in Saudi Arabia. I've been able to live, work and travel to great places in the world while saving money and sending it home. I've met and made interesting friends. I also have constant support from the instructors and the Administrative team who helps us to find jobs, gives us advice and just looks after us while we are out here on the global road. They are amazing, and if you want to know more; then feel free to email me at: or skype: professor.of.english, and I'll tell you everything you want to know about TEFL Worldwide.

Renee Tremble - Prague

I signed up for TEFL Worldwide on a whim shortly after finishing grad school, simply because I didn't know what else to do with myself. I packed as much of my life as I could into two suitcases and hopped onto a plane with no real plans. Little did I know, that was the beginning of a whirlwind experience that will likely always be remembered as two of the best years of my life. I learned so much about myself and the world during my time in Prague. I learned how strong I am and what I can do if I put my mind to it. I made some amazing friends, and experienced things I never could have imagined. I learned what it's like to have communication limited to non-verbal cues, and how to look at life from a completely different mindset. I learned about the culture, the lifestyle, and what life was like under communism from the incredible, fun, diverse group of adults whom I was privileged to teach English to. (Though I was their teacher, I often felt I learned more from them than I actually taught them.) I satisfied a desire to travel Europe that has left me eternally thirsty to see more of the world. During my time in Prague I traveled to many countries including: Austria, Slovakia, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, England, Belgium, Croatia, Bosnia, Slovenia, Denmark, Sweden, England, Switzerland, Poland, Hungary, the Netherlands, and even Morocco. Leaving Prague was the hardest decision I ever had to make and though it's been over a year, I still miss it every single day. I lived in one of the most architecturally rich countries in the world, with the ancient Charles Bridge and the fairytale-like Tyn church in my backyard. Not a day went by that I didn't find myself wondering if that was really my life, if I could really be so lucky. And of course, they have some of the best beer in the world for less than $1! Sometimes it still feels like it was just a dream. None of this ever would have happened without TEFL Worldwide, and I am eternally grateful to them and the amazing life they kick-started for me!

Michael Corman - Germany

Where to even begin with how awesome TEFL world wide Prague is....It has been almost seven years ago that I did this course, and I am still telling everyone I know who has an interest in seeing the world about this great opportunity to get you started. I have been on all of the major continents in this world, and people always ask me how I did it, and how I can afford it, and its not because I am extremely wealthy its because I did this course which provided me with a skill to work my way around the world. There are great opportunities out there for English Teachers, and teflworldwide prague provides you with the necessary skills you need to land these kinds of jobs. I started out in the Czech Republic with a job before I even graduated. Since graduating I have taught English for large companies like Airbus, DOW Chemical, EON, and schools like Inlingua, and Berlitz. Currently my wife and I live in Berlin where we own our own company which has become quite successful and provided us with the kind of lifestyle we have always wanted. Even our children were born here in Germany, we are quite the International family. Feel free to email me for more details about the course, or finding work after the course, or even coming to Germany.

Machs Gut,


Susie Lambert - South Korea

Hi, I'm Susie and I absolutely loved the course, the people I met through it, and my experience in Prague. After the course I travelled through Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, and Germany, then flew back to Canada for one month to obtain my visa for Korea. I am now living and working in Bucheon (near Seoul) in South Korea at a private language school. I teach kindergarten in the morning and grades 1 through 5 in the afternoon. I have absolutely loved my time here in Korea so far. Feel free to email me, facebook me, or visit my blog.

Erica Lederman - Moscow

Immediately upon completing my TEFL certification, I went to Moscow, Russia to teach for a private company called Language Link. I taught adults general and business English and had some experience with children as well. It was a great school with a lot of camaraderie among teachers and plenty of support in terms of visa, airfare and accommodation. I was in Russia for nearly a year when I came home to New York City. I worked in public relations for two years before realizing I enjoyed teaching a lot more, so I took a job with International House New York. There, I taught mostly business English to adults along with some general English and test preparation (TOEFL and BEC). I am about to go abroad once again, this time to either Bogota, Colombia or Buenos Aires, Argentina. I'm very grateful to TEFL Worldwide for allowing me so many opportunities to work and live in such exciting places!

Ryan Harrington - Germany

I have lived and taught in beautiful Dresden, Germany since shortly after I took the TEFL Worldwide course.I was happy to find a job within a few weeks of finishing the course! Today, I largely teach technical English in and around Dresden and absolutely love my job.  The decision to take the TEFL Worldwide course and to move abroad was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

David Garrison - China

After spending a few months living in the Czech Republic, I moved to live and teach for a year in Changchun, China in the Jilin Province, and I can definitely say it was an experience. The city has the largest national park in China, and the air is relatively clean (I still managed to get three lung infections though.) There's a multitude of restaurants and street vendors, and the food there is both delicious and extremely cheap. I got to teach from kids-to-adults, so there was never any monotony and I constantly got to challenge myself to come up with new ideas for classes. Because of the experience I gain working overseas, when I returned to the United States I was quickly accepted teaching Special Education, where many of the skills I learned at TEFL Worldwide Prague came in handy. With experience teaching EFL and Special Education, I was a top competitor when I decided to become a high school English teacher in California. TEFL Worldwide Prague can open the door to your career all over the world.

Kaitlyn Mulcahy - Prague

My journey to Prague and TEFL Worldwide began with the desire to take a gap year after college to travel, along with a strong recommendation from a friend and fellow TEFL Worldwide graduate. After completing the course I was able to secure a job in Prague within two weeks of graduation.  After the intense training we received at TEFL Worldwide, I was confident in planning and teaching lessons to my classes at different multinational corporations around Prague.  Although I have only been here in Prague for a few months, I continue to fall in love with the city more and more each day, and I love the variety and creativity that teaching allows me. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to take a risk and move to another country, and having the help of TEFL Worldwide made every step of the way that much easier. I plan to stay in Prague for the foreseeable future, but now that I have these skills, who knows what country I will end up in! 


George Barse – Prague

My name is George Barse, and I am originally from San Antonio, Texas. Before TEFL Worldwide I was stuck in my cubicle cell working 'spreadsheet magic' as a Business Analyst and reminiscing about sunlight. I began listening to the office chatter around me and realized I was in the wrong profession. I started formulating an escape plan. I had taught before, and I had liked it. I also enjoyed traveling, meeting new people, and experiencing new cultures, so I did my research and bought a ticket to Prague. I participated in the TEFL Worldwide Prague course, and it was one of the better decisions I have made in life. The course thoroughly reeducated me in my native tongue and prepared me to teach others. It also readied me for the interview process for these coveted teaching jobs. I found my education and professional experience made me a natural for business English, and I now have more work than time. I would still be fantasizing in a cubicle if I hadn't taken that leap to Prague. The TEFL Worldwide course exceeded all my expectations and has led me to a life in one of the greatest cities in the world.

Michelle Salvicchi - Germany

My name is Michelle Salvicchi (maiden name Schick). I graduated from TEFL Worldwide Prague in August and then found a job in Munich, Germany in September and was able to start the first of October. I lived in Munich for seven months, after which I got married and moved to Düsseldorf, Germany. I continued teaching English there as a freelancer for another year and a half. After that, I got a job teaching English and Mathematics in a German middle school/high school. Now I'm starting a new job in IT Consulting in Germany. TEFL really helped me get a foothold in Europe, so I could work in a job I liked while looking for a job I would love. I'm really glad I decided to take the course!

Adrienne Levantovsky - Prague

I first caught the travel bug when I spent a semester abroad in Scotland during my sophomore year of college. I knew that after graduating I just had to go back to Europe so I started researching potential jobs and opportunities abroad. After someone casually mentioned teaching English abroad, I decided to do some research and found TEFL Worldwide Prague, and I’m so glad I did. A few months after graduating, I bought a one-way ticket, packed up and came to Prague. The next four weeks were one of the most challenging and most rewarding four weeks of my life. After finishing the course I felt more than qualified to teach English as a foreign language. My goal was to stay and teach Prague so I got a flat and started applying to language schools. Within three weeks I was hired, and I absolutely love my job. I teach general English to all levels and all ages of students and live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I am so thankful for TEFL Worldwide Prague and the many doors it has opened up for me! 

Katie Baxter - South Korea

I'm 25 and from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Right after graduation I taught at a bilingual Kindergarten in Munich, Germany for 6 months then I taught at an English Preschool in Prague for one year.  I am currently teaching Kindergarten through Grade 3 at a private English Academy in Seoul, South Korea.  South Korea is so different.  I feel like I'm living on another planet, but I'm loving it and the benefits of teaching here are fantastic.  I've had amazing living abroad experiences in every country that I have taught in and I'm just getting started.  South America is next!

If you have any other questions let me know.  You can give out my email address to anyone who has any questions also.

Katie Baxter

Sarah Stone - Macedonia

Currently, I am a TEFL instructor representing the Peace Corps in Macedonia in public classrooms grades 1-8 along with 2 adult English classes as secondary projects. I made the decision in to obtain a TEFL certification to update my education as it has been a good while since I’ve had any formal education, and to be more qualified in the TEFL job market. The training I received at TEFL Worldwide Prague provided me a wealth of information to continue my service with Peace Corps in Macedonia. The instructors were superb, professional, and willing to assist me with all my concerns. I feel prepared to continue TEFL education upon my completion with Peace Corps. The question is: “Where will I go?” It’s exciting to have so many options before me!

Jaime Molloy - Taiwan

I really enjoyed the course and learnt a lot in the short time that I was on the course.  I started the course knowing little about teaching and I left the course with a lot of confidence.  I spent the next 14 months teaching in Prague and I am currently teaching in Taiwan.  The fact that TEFL Worldwide Prague help you to find jobs long after you graduate is a massive help, they provided me with the information about my current job in Taiwan.  A new teacher started at my branch the other day who also graduated from TEFL Worldwide Prague - small world!  I see teaching English as my ticket to seeing the world, and I've not looked back on the terrible job I left behind since I first arrived in Prague!

Elizabeth Groeschen - Prague, South Korea and now on an Around the World Trip!
After graduation, I allowed myself to get talked out of my dream to move and live abroad for one year. In that following year, I learned there had to be more to a post-grad life than working temporary and retail jobs. I initially moved to Prague, got my TEFL Certificate through a wonderful month at TEFL Worldwide Prague, and spent the year with my fellow TEFL Worldwide grads. It was amazing. Hungry for more, I moved to South Korea and spent 5 of the 6 past years teaching English in private kindergartens and more recently, the Seoul Public School System. Living abroad has taught me more about the world and myself than I ever dreamed possible. Now I'm at the beginning of a year long round the world trip that I would never have imagined doing had it not been for my initial year in Prague. The best part of the trip is visiting friends in different countries all around the world (most of whom I met through teaching abroad)! Feel free to follow along in my adventure at!

Elizabeth Groeschen

Lindsey TeVoert - Germany

Since graduating from TEFL Worldwide I have been fortunate enough to find work in Halle, Germany. In only a few short weeks after graduation, I had several job offers and was able to choose the location I really wanted. Before TEFL Worldwide I had no teaching experience and couldn’t picture myself teaching. I really wanted to travel so I decided to give it a try. By graduation I felt confident and prepared, which was good because I was thrown into a full teaching schedule right away. I teach a variety of English courses to adults depending on their needs. I have recently taken a new job opportunity and will be teaching Business English full time for a company in Braunschweig, Germany. The German culture and way of life makes everyday an adventure and new learning experience. Teaching English has allowed me to make lifelong friends from all over the world.

Anna Sophia Ziton - Russia

My time with TEFL Worldwide was an extremely profitable experience for the short while it lasted. I took the course right after graduating college so I could be certified in time to start my job in Moscow, Russia, by September. I work for Language Link mainly teaching students from ages 6-17 of all levels and I feel that TEFL Worldwide prepared me very well. I am biased about work in Russia, so it’s hard to know what to say. The ruble is falling, the winters are cold, strangers don’t smile, people are blunt, politics is a touchy subject... but you can’t say life here is boring. It really helps if you know Russian and/or are familiar enough with the culture, otherwise the shock of the transition may be overwhelming. In general, though, I love it and will have stories to last me a lifetime!

Lauren Gabriel, Dominican Republic

Hello, my name is Lauren Gabriel and I'm from Cape Elizabeth, Maine, USA. Five years and three countries ago I graduated from TEFL Worldwide and I still feel like taking the course was one of the best decisions I've ever made! Not knowing what to do with my life (and suffering an acute case of wanderlust-itus) I headed over to Prague to learn to teach my native language, a concept I didn't truly understand until the first day. The classes were informative and fun, with loads of actual practice time teaching REAL students, so I left with the necessary confidence to start my career. I got two jobs in Prague right away, one for a language institute and the other at a preschool and stayed for about a year and a half. After that, I spread my wings and headed over to Costa Rica to teach government funded classes to students between 15 and 60 years old. Then back to Prague for another year and a half (geeze, I love that city!) and later I moved to the Dominican Republic where I've been teaching for about 4 months now.

I'm so thankful for my time at TEFL Worldwide. It has been the spring board of my teaching career as well as my international adventures!

Email me any time at with any questions or concerns about the course or my life living aboard.

Mari Hawes - Taiwan

For the last two weeks I’ve been teaching at a great school in Taiwan. There is a good group of foreign teachers here and we all get along great!  The children are so cute and willing to learn.  Everywhere I go the adults try to ask me if their English is correct.  Most schools are for children here, as is true for most of Asia, so many adults haven’t had as much exposure or ability to practice what English they learned.  Living in Taiwan is even more different than I had thought it would be.  I am enjoying my Chinese lessons and have begun to feel confident with chopsticks.  There is a lot of rain here, but the tropical beaches and beautiful mountains that surround me are amazing.  I can’t believe I live here now. 

My experience at TEFL WW Prague helped me during my teaching interviews and has been SO important for preparing good lessons.  As a certified teacher in the US, I can attest to the fact that this course made me a better teacher.  The staff at TEFLWW gives great practical demonstrations and hands-on preparation for teaching a foreign language.  I learned all the theory behind the method while earning my degree, but I saw and learned how to use the theories at TEFL WW Prague.  The practical knowledge is what I use every day, not the theory.

Jesse Richter - China, Colombia, South Korea, Bolivia

I made the critical decision to enroll with TEFL Worldwide after serving four frustrating years as a high school science teacher in the U.S. I was looking for a career change but wanted to remain in the field of education and work internationally. I got rid of my car, my house, all other material items and bought a one-way ticket to Prague with three pieces of luggage. I must say I have been extremely happy with the quality of training I received in Prague and have worked very successfully in TESOL education ever since. Furthermore, after having earned three degrees—including two masters—prior to pursuing TEFL, I was pleased with the rigor and quality of the curriculum and methodology at TEFL Worldwide—Prague. My first EFL contract was in China for two years. After that I ended up in Colombia for three years and have also established myself as a TESOL teacher trainer in South Korea. I continue to receive job offers from all over the world and have made the decision to pursue my doctorate degree in TESOL professional development. I intend to work in this global industry indefinitely as I find it to be extremely exciting and refreshing. And, despite all the formal education, it is my opinion that travelling and visiting other cultures is by far the best education one could ever receive! TEFL Worldwide—Prague allowed me to begin this great journey.  Feel free to contact me:


Marco Mizrahi - China

My name is Marco Mizrahi, I’m a proud TEFL Worldwide Prague grad!. I first thought to go teach English in Russia, but when I got to Prague and completed my course (and made some awesome Friends) I found my self on my way to China to live and work in a city I knew nothing about and most people knows nothing about: Shijiazhuang. The school is amazing and when I got there it was a small school with about 400 students, today we have three campuses in the city with nearly 3000 students. While the school grew, our Center Manager made sure that the people grew with the school as well, so I’m currently the Director of Studies at one of the schools. I’ve also had the honor to work with another TEFL Worldwide Prague Grad here.

My experience in the course was unique, I was one of the first non-native speakers to join the course, I was the only one in my class. I really enjoyed the one-to-one lessons, I remember my student told me that she wanted to know everything about the past tense. I thought to myself: everything? At the moment I learned that ESL students don’t just want to learn a second language, they have expectations, they are eager, and they are looking to you to help them achieve their goals. So, at the course I learned all my elicitation techniques and how to deliver great grammar presentations, but I also learned that it goes above and beyond the methodologies, it’s all about the students and getting them to achieve their goals, if they succeed, then you succeed.

For the last 8 years I’ve dedicated my life to teach ESL in China, I’ve seen kids grow up and I have met some of the most amazing talented people I’ve had the pleasure to work with. It has been an amazing journey and I’m really looking forward to continue on it for many years to come, hoping to cross path with more grads along the way. 

Anna Argadine - South Korea

My name is Anna Argadine and I graduated from TEFL Worldwide. The course was fantastic and gave me the opportunity to teach around the world. When I graduated, I spent some time teaching in Prague and now I am currently teaching in South Korea. The experience is wonderful and I couldn't have done it without the help of TEFL WorldWide. In my picture, you can see my students and I dressed in Hanbok for Chuseok, which is a holiday in South Korea very similar to Thanksgiving. If you have any questions about the TEFL WorldWide, my teaching experiences, or anything else, feel free to email me at

Alicia Brooks - Prague

I have lived and worked abroad since the moment I stepped off the plane. Upon graduating from TEFL Worldwide Prague I started teaching in Prague. I have taught both adults and children here and in Guymas Mexico. Getting my TEFL Certificate has allowed me to travel all over the world (England, Bratislava, Switzerland, Mexico, Ireland... just to name a few) and make connections from the Czech Republic to China. I love my life and my lifestyle. TEFL Worldwide was an essential step in me both changing my life and broadening my horizons.

Andrew Garrett - Saudi Arabia

At the moment, I'm working in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. It's been a very unique experience, but so has my whole teaching career. I've worked in Poland, Peru, South Korea, Mexico, and now Saudi. It all started about 7 years ago with getting my TEFL certificate at TEFL WorldWide Prague. Best decision of my life. Andrew Garrett

Elgin Switzer - Germany

My experience at TEFL Worldwide Prague was a good one. The instructors were excellent. I did not know ANY grammar to speak of and this was not a problem because when I was given a grammar lesson to prepare for I had lots of time to prepare and review the assignment before teaching it. Don’t be afraid of grammar! Just review what your’re going to teach before you teach it therein you can learn along with your students and they will never know the difference. Plus, when at TEFL Worldwide, ask questions! After TEFL Worldwide I went back to Germany with my TEFL in hand and I think I should point out I also had a bachelor’s degree. Over the course of the next 2 years I applied to about 40 different language schools and was offered positions at all of them!

Roy Wiese - Czech Republic

I took the course two years ago and have remained in a small town in the Czech Republic teaching summer English Camps, small classes, one-on-ones, and conversation groups. TEFL Worldwide Prague equipped me for everything from needs assessment to lesson planning and course book selection, as well as pointing me to the best teacher resource books and materials. As a 60-something American retired professional preparing for a whole new chapter in life, I did a lot of comparisons before selecting a TEFL course, but I still went in not knowing for sure if I'd made the right choice. TEFL Worldwide Prague was the right choice!  Intense? Yes. Worth every minute of it? Absolutely! The native-speaking teachers are not just highly credentialed and experienced, but are first-rate classroom instructors who are committed to helping every student do his or her best. The practical experience to let me hit the ground running. Even though I didn’t need help with job placement (I have the luxury of teaching as a volunteer), the staff were knowledgeable and proactive with help on other issues for living in the Czech Republic.

David Cantu - South Korea

Getting my TEFL Certification at TEFL Worldwide was the best first step I could have taken in my international teaching career. Not only did I receive a world-class certification but also job guidance and support afterwards. Since I gradauated I've lived in two countries and visited over 30 on three continents. I apply the skills I learned at TEFL Worldwide on a daily basis and I owe a lot of my success to this great school. Thank you very much TEFL Worldwide! David Cantu

Tiffiny Hargrave - Prague, Vysoké Mýto, California

I love to travel and I wanted to get out in the world and teach.  This program is the first one that I came across and it looked so amazing that I just had to try it.  I met so many amazing people during my time in Prague, many I still talk to today.  After graduating, I stayed in Prague for a few months and then traveled back home to Southern California to pursue my single subject teaching credential in Art.  I taught 1-1/2 years at a charter school and now I am in my second year teaching Art at another charter school (high school) in Coachella, Ca.  Ever since I left Prague, I have dreamed of returning.  Just this passed summer, I was able to teach at an English camp just north of Vysoké Mýto, Czech Republic.  I had so much fun and I plan to do it again next summer.  Thanks to TEFL  I had the background to go in their and teach proper and fun lessons!

Thank you,

Tiffiny Hargrave

Alex Pendleton - Germany

I was stuck in a rut at home, idly dreaming of working and travelling abroad. I finally snapped one day, and signed up to TEFL Worldwide Prague on a whim. I'd heard many positive things about the course, and TEFL seemed the ideal way of escaping dreary old Britain! I'm so glad I made the decision to do this. I loved studying in Prague; it's a gorgeous city with lots to do, and I met many amazing people during my time here.
The course was also fantastic in properly preparing me for teaching abroad. I had no teaching experience prior to my time here, and I must admit the course was intense at times-but in a good way. You have the chance to teach several lessons, and the staff at TEFL Worldwide were all very supportive, giving helpful, constructive feedback throughout. I completed the course feeling happy and confident in my abilities to teach, and ended up finding a job in Germany just a week later! I'm currently working at a language school in Dessau, Germany; it's a small town close to Berlin, and I'm really enjoying working here. Germany's a fascinating place to live-and the beer's pretty nice, too!
Studying the TEFL has completely changed my life in a very short space of time, and I'm so happy I took the plunge. If you want to try something different from the normal routine, or want the chance to work anywhere you want in the world, then I'd highly recommend this course. Please feel free to email me at if you have any questions!

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